Akward first date


Photo Credit: thinkpanama via Compfight cc

Don’t get me wrong.. I LOVE to write.

There is just something about the first post that has me feeling like I am experiencing an awkward date.

To me, first impressions can either make or break a person. Especially that first handshake.

With that being said, my first blog post will be tips for myself, as well as my readers, on how to make a fabulous first impression online.

Ironic, right?

1. What effect do you want to have?

All great bloggers, even writers, hope to leave an effect on their readers. This does not mean that they have to have a specific theme.

If one day you feel like you want to talk about cats and the next day you want to vent about how awful your English class is, do it!

NO one is stopping you.

Or at least, I’m not.

Pamela Wilson, also a blogger, discussed the importance of understanding who you are talking to. Moreover, every good blogger wants to get to know their audience.

So when you are sitting at dinner with the cute guy from class, guess what you will be doing? Getting to know him! So a little tip for myself and my readers; there is no harm in being nervous.

You as an individual get to decide the effect you want to have on others.

2. Have a common language

In our current generation, social media has almost become a necessity in life (sad, right?). With that being said, sometimes it can be hard to keep up with the social “lingo”.

No one will keep reading your blog posts if you are constantly boring them to death.

Keep it light.

Keep it FUN!


Don’t stress about the small stuff and don’t pretend to be someone you aren’t.

Eventually, you’ll start finding your identity and start making real genuine connections with readers.


If the theme isn’t clear by now, I’ve failed.

Don’t let blogging be that awkward first date.


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