Am I the only female who dreams about their wedding day more than three times a week?

I didn’t think so.

What sparks my blog post is due to the recent wedding of Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici from The Bachelor. If I could, my wedding would be a marvelous event that was the talk of the century.

But, I’m a broke college student, so I’ll just keep dreaming.

Regardless, as a firm follower of their season, I was so happy to see that the reality show actually became a reality.

AND their wedding was absolutely beautiful!

As a hopeless romantic, there are some guidelines that need to be met before I say “I DO!”.

One of my main requirements is that my full name be stated before anything was said (you taking notes Zac Efron?)

Also, I want the moment to be captured on camera so I can show my friends and family!

(no bragging of course)

Most importantly, marriage is a celebration of love between the bride and the groom and of family become one.

I cannot wait for my day of matrimony!

Yours Truly,

Every Teenage Girl


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