Out with the bad, in with the good

Throughout my High School years I have developed many friendships and lost many friendships.

I lost my best friend since kindergarten to insignificant, petty things. Including a handful of girls I thought would always have my back.

Surprisingly, I am so grateful that I have moved on.

Now that you have a little bit of a back story, it’s time to lighten up the mood a bit.

Meet Nicki Deghani!


Nicki is from Stockholm, Sweden and she was a foreign exchange student who lived with one of my good friends for 11 months this previous year.

Nicki got to experience a small town in Illinois and even got to graduate with my 2013 class last May!

After having her around for a year, she taught me more about friendship than anyone I know.

Friendship is not measured by how long you have known the person, but in how significant that person is in your life. Saying goodbye after a year was one of the hardest things I had ever done.

She taught me the value of friendship and even brought me and some of my best friends now really close. I cannot thank her enough for what she has done for me and for all the good she has put in my life.

Yes, High School has its moments, but make the best out of it! The saying, “you find out who your friends are”, is completely true. I would give anything to relive last year with my best friend.

Friendship can be a struggle at times, and it may take you awhile to find out who those special people are, but don’t get discouraged!

Everything happens for a reason.


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