The perfect gift

It’s that time of year again..


One thing that I’ve learned when it comes to this holiday is that it is not for everyone. And when I say not for everyone, I mean not for those people who are without a loved one.

dylanThis will be my third Valentine’s day with my boyfriend, and the gift giving process never gets any easier!

Christmas and birthday’s for some reason are so much easier when it comes to gift giving than Valentine’s day.

ESPECIALLY when your significant other is on a health kick and Valentine’s Day is notorious for chocolate and other delicious snacks.

So you’re wondering what I decided to get him?

Well, I am in a sorority here at Southern Illinois University, and in Alpha Sigma Tau we give our sisters paddles as gifts.

So, I decided to make him a paddle that was Red Hot Chili Peppers themed because he is absolutely obsessed with the band and I asked him to formal on the back of it! (Formal is a dance that all sororities put on)

This gift kills two birds with one stone, and I’m all for that!

What I’m trying to say is, as long as your gift has meaning to it..

It is beyond perfect.


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