True Life: I’m addicted to Netflix

Praise the television god’s for creating Netflix.

I think back on my life a couple years before my parents blessed me with this app and I do not know how I survived.

This may sound a little dramatic, but I promise that Netflix has changed my life in regards to how I spend my free time.

For those of you who do not know what Netflix is, it is a app that can be downloaded on your laptop, phone, Wii, Xbox, PlayStation, etc. This app has TONS of television shows and movies that can be watched any time for only $7.99 a month.

If you do not have it, I would advise everyone to do it quickly because they are raising their prices by a dollar in the next upcoming year for new members!

Without Netflix, I would have never known who killed Keith Scott in One Tree Hill, if McDreamy from Grey’s Anatomy was indeed the one for Meredith, or who Gossip Girl was.

I may not be proud of the hours I spend watching Netflix on school nights, but I am forever thankful for the opportunity to fill my guilty pleasures.

To summarize my personal thoughts and opinions, Netflix is a must have when it comes to the television game. Personally, I prefer it over cable! This just goes to show how great living in the 21st century can be.

“Most folks are as happy as they make up their minds to be.” – Abraham Lincoln


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