Wonder Woman

It is about to get sassy up in this blog post.

I am sure if you are a female, you will shake your head in agreement with everything I am about to say.

I also am sure that if you are male, you will shake your head in annoyance.

But guess what… growing up a girl SUCKS.

I am sure there are a million articles out about women complaining about how hard it is to be a woman in every day life, but I do not care. I agree with just about all of them.

Let’s talk about the number one reason why it can really suck to be a girl. PERIODS.

That exact reason is why I am here ranting in the first place. Not only did I have the most stressful week of college so far, mother nature decides to take a visit, as well.

wonder women 2

Photo Credit: R Schofield via Compfight cc

I am not Wonder Woman. Sometimes, I feel like I have to challenge my inner Wonder Woman to get things done without losing my mind, but I am not a superhero.

All in all, as women, we should learn to love the challenges we face and embrace our inner Wonder Woman! Life’s too short to be anything but happy!


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