A blog about blogging

You know what I love?


I love how I can say anything I want and write however I want.

I love the time it gives me to be, well, ME.

I like to think I am a outgoing person who isn’t afraid to say how I am feeling, but sometimes saying what comes to my mind on my blog, makes me feel better than saying it out loud.

That might not make sense to everyone, but my fellow bloggers know what I mean.

I may have been told to create a blog for a class, but it is the best assignment I have ever been given.

I decided to make a short list of why everyone should create their own blog.

1.Blogging gives you the freedom to express yourself.

-Everyone needs to have a creative outlet.

2. Blogging helps you become a better writer.

-For me, this reason is very important. I am studying Public Relations and minoring in journalism, therefore, writing has become a big part of my life.

3. Keeps you up to date on news.

-When you create a blog and begin writing, you learn of other people who blog and start gaining knowledge about things you never would have found on your own. It is a great tool for any Public Relations professional.

College has taught me to not be afraid of taking chances and trying new things. Sometimes not everything is a success, but you will never know until you try!

“Do not be too timid and squeamish about your actions. All life is an experiment.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson


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