Working at The Office

My dream job is to work at Dunder Mifflin.


The Dunder Mifflin Paper Company in Scranton.

Having a boss like Michael Scott would mean I would never know what a boring day was… Or a productive one.

I just started working at Francesca’s and I am in love with the company and my coworkers. I never knew I could love working so much as I do right now.


Which led me to think what could be better than selling adorable clothing to people with the nicest coworkers I’ve ever met.

Working at Dunder Mifflin.

If you have never watched The Office, you are missing out on the best dry comedy ever created.

Basically, they don’t work at all and get paid to sit around and mess with each other or do crazy things Michael comes up with that day.

Working at Dunder Mifflin would be the best job ever.

All in all, I have learned that work should be exciting and should be what you love to do. Making money while going to work happy, is a great goal to strive for.

If you’re changing the world, you’re working on important things. You’re excited to get up in the morning.” Larry Page


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